Active Members of NYACC

All Nations Express Inc.

130-29 135th Ave.

South Ozone Park, NY 11420

Tel: 718-553-1718/19 
Fax: 718-553-1720

Contact : Chang Y. Lee
Email: [email protected]

(ECO) (CHB) (CFS) (FF)


144 35 167th Street

Jamaica, NY 11434

Tel: 1. 800. 987. 3977

Mark III International

177-25 Rockaway Blvd. Suite 213

Jamaica, New York 11434

Tel: 718.917.8056

Fax: 718. 917.2032

Contact: Paul Galinson [email protected]

Web site:

(ECO) (CHB) (FF) (D) (T) (C)

Woltmann & Bonventre Inc.

159 Doughty Blvd.

Inwood, New York 11096

Tel: 718.656.6633

Fax: 516.347.2250

Contact: Linda A. Bonventre [email protected]

Web site:

(ECO) (CFS) (CHB) (FF) (W) (D) (T)


Code key:   (CHB) Customhouse Broker (FF) Freight Forwarder (W) Warehousing (A) Airline    (T) Trucking (ECO) Express Consignment Operator (CFS) Container Freight Station (D) Distribution (C) Courier

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